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Chris Dobson

Big Sleeps


Big Sleeps, owner of "Big Sleeps Studio" in the heart of LA, is a prominent figure in the tattoo industry with a challenging journey that led him there. Growing up in the streets LA, he was immersed in the vibrant Chicana street culture and where he initially started gang affiliated graffiti art and tattooing. This environment sparked his passion for lettering, where he prospered into the sophisticated artist and legend he is today. Big Sleeps and Sullen have collaborated and grown together since the early 2000s.   

As Big Sleeps' artistry evolved, so did his reputation in the tattoo world. His distinctive style, influenced by his graffiti roots, caught the attention of industry professionals worldwide. He collaborated with some of the best in the business, solidifying his place as a respected and sought-after tattoo artist.

Today, Big Sleeps is known for his intricate lettering and bold designs that blend elements of Chicana culture with modern tattoo aesthetics. His work continues to inspire and influence aspiring artists in the industry.

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