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Chris Dobson

Big Island Mike


Big Island Mike Castillo is a renowned tattoo artist who began his career in 2001 under the mentorship of Mark Mahoney at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, CA. With guidance from Rick Walters and Freddy Negrete, he honed his craft and established himself as a prominent figure in the tattooing community.

Specializing in Action Sports Tattoos

Big Island Mike is known for tattooing many athletes in the action sports community, including Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew, as well as Weeman from the Jackass crew. His intricate black and gray fineline pieces have garnered him a reputation for his attention to detail and artistic skill.

A Passion for BMX

When he's not creating stunning tattoos, Big Island Mike indulges in his passion for BMX. He has been a BMX judge for the X-Games for the past 21 years, bringing his expertise and love for the sport to the judging panel. His dedication to both tattooing and BMX showcases his commitment to his craft and his community.

Versatile Tattooing Styles

While Big Island Mike's favorite style of tattooing is black and gray fineline pieces, he is proficient in all styles of tattoos. Whether it's traditional, neo-traditional, realism, or Japanese, he can bring any design to life with precision and creativity.

Big Island Mike Castillo's journey from apprentice to respected tattoo artist and BMX judge is a testament to his talent, dedication, and passion for his craft. His contributions to the tattooing and action sports communities have solidified his place as a respected figure in both industries.

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