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Chris Dobson

Ben Dunning


Ben Dunning is a renowned blackwork realism tattoo artist, showcasing his exceptional talent at Six Bullets Tattoo and Seven Doors Tattoo in London. His intricate stippling technique and ballpoint pen drawings have garnered him a significant following in the tattoo community.

The Art of Blackwork Realism

Blackwork realism is a style of tattooing that focuses on creating detailed and realistic designs using only black ink. Ben Dunning's mastery of this style is evident in the precision of his stippling technique, which involves creating shading and depth through carefully placed dots.

The Signature Style of Ben Dunning

Ben Dunning's signature style is characterized by his attention to detail and the meticulous way in which he brings his designs to life. His ballpoint pen drawings serve as the foundation for his tattoo work, allowing him to capture every intricate detail with precision.

With a large following of admirers, Ben Dunning continues to push the boundaries of blackwork realism, inspiring fellow artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike. His dedication to his craft and his unique artistic vision have solidified his reputation as a true master in the world of tattoo art.

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