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Chris Dobson

Barbora Sharuzen Gazurova


Sharuzen has been tattooing in her atelier in Bad Bergzabern, located in south/west Germany, since February 2015. With her unique dark style, she has gained a reputation for creating stunning and one-of-a-kind tattoos. Her attention to detail and creativity shine through in each piece she creates. Whether you are looking for a small, delicate design or a larger, more elaborate piece, Sharuzen can bring your vision to life.

International Reach

As an international artist, Sharuzen travels extensively throughout the year. She can be found at various tattoo conventions across the world, showcasing her talent and connecting with fellow artists and enthusiasts. In addition, Sharuzen often does guest spots in different tattoo studios, allowing clients from different regions to experience her unique style.

Sharuzen's passion for tattooing and dedication to her craft are evident in every piece she creates. If you appreciate her dark and distinctive style, don't miss the opportunity to book an appointment with this talented artist.


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