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Chris Dobson

Andrea Lanzi


Have you heard of Andrea Lanzi, also known as ANTIKORPO? This Italian artist is renowned for his bright colors and unique "realitional" tattoos that truly stand out in the world of body art. His work is not only visually striking but also carries a depth and vibrance that sets it apart from others in the industry.


Pushing Boundaries with Various Mediums


Andrea Lanzi's creativity knows no bounds. In addition to his exceptional tattoo work, he also dabbles in oil and acrylic painting, colored pencils, and even uses resin to create sculptures. His hyper-realism silicone rubber designs and art made with fluid-filled bottles showcase his versatility and innovation as an artist.


Global Recognition for Exceptional Artistry


Not only is Andrea known for his individual artwork, but he also creates the prizes for some of the best tattoo conventions worldwide. His reputation as a talented and visionary artist has earned him recognition and admiration from art enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Continual Growth and Inspiration


Andrea "Antikorpo" Lanzi is an artist who constantly challenges himself to reach new heights in his work. His sculptures, drawings, paintings, and tattoos are not only unique but also serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring artists and admirers of his craft.

With his dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new mediums, Andrea Lanzi continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional talent and creativity. Keep an eye out for this artist as he continues to evolve and inspire with his one-of-a-kind creations.

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