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Alexey Mashkov


Russian artist Alexey Mashkov, currently tattooing in NYC, draws a large amount of his inspiration from hip-hop culture, especially the eighties and nineties, which is reflected in his work. He decided to make tattooing work for him by combining all of the styles and subjects he was passionate about into his art.


What Influences Alexey Mashkov's Art?


Mashkov's art is a unique blend of horror, creepy, spooky elements, as well as music culture - hip hop and graffiti. He seamlessly integrates these diverse influences into his tattoo designs, creating a style that is both striking and original.


What Sets Mashkov Apart in the Tattooing Industry?


What sets Mashkov apart in the tattooing industry is his ability to push boundaries and create art that is truly unique. By drawing inspiration from hip-hop culture and incorporating it into his work, he has carved out a niche for himself in the industry.

Overall, Alexey Mashkov's fusion of hip-hop culture and tattoo art is a testament to his creativity and talent as an artist. His ability to combine different styles and influences into his work sets him apart in the tattooing industry, making him a standout artist in NYC and beyond.

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