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Chris Dobson



Alestra is a talented tattoo artist who specializes in chicano style and lettering tattoos. He began his journey in 2016 in the picturesque city of Turin, Italy. With a passion for art and a keen eye for detail, Alestra has made a name for himself in the tattoo industry.

Alestra's work reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Chicano art movement, incorporating elements of Mexican-American culture and symbolism. In addition to chicano style tattoos, Alestra is also known for his exceptional lettering work. Whether it's a meaningful quote, a loved one's name, or a special date, Alestra's lettering tattoos are a beautiful and personal way to express oneself.

Ball Point Pen Drawings

Aside from tattooing, Alestra also showcases his talent through ball point pen drawings. His intricate and detailed drawings captivate viewers with their realism and precision. Each stroke of the pen is a testament to Alestra's skill and dedication to his craft.

Whether you're looking for a chicano style tattoo, a custom lettering design, or a stunning ball point pen drawing, Alestra is the artist to trust. With his passion for art and commitment to excellence, Alestra continues to push the boundaries of creativity and inspire others in the industry.

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