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Chris Dobson

Alessandro Modesti


Alessandro Modesti is a renowned artist in the world of tattooing, specializing in the intricate art of color realism. With his exceptional skills and attention to detail, he has earned the title of a master in his craft. Alongside his brother, Gian Luca Modesti, Alessandro co-owns the esteemed Family Affair Tattoo Studio located in Civitavecchia, Roma.

What sets Alessandro Modesti apart?

With years of experience and a deep passion for his work, Alessandro Modesti stands out for his ability to bring tattoos to life with stunning realism. His keen eye for color and shading allows him to create pieces that are not only visually striking but also incredibly lifelike.

Why choose Family Affair Tattoo Studio?

At Family Affair Tattoo Studio, clients can expect top-notch artistry and a welcoming atmosphere. Alessandro and Gian Luca Modesti prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that each client receives a unique and personalized tattoo experience. From consultation to aftercare, the Modesti brothers are dedicated to providing exceptional service.

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