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Chris Dobson

47 Volt


47 Volt is a highly sought-after tattoo artist based in the Republic of Korea, known for his exceptionally detailed fine line black and gray realism tattoos. Working out of the Lighthouse Tattoo & Art Studio with locations in both Busan and Seoul, 47 Volt has captivated a global audience with his whimsical and magical tattoo designs. As a traveling artist, he brings his unique style to ink enthusiasts worldwide, leaving a lasting impression of creativity and artistic mastery.


What Makes 47 Volt's Black and Grey Realism Tattoos Stand Out?

When it comes to black and grey realism in the world of tattoos, 47 Volt sets a new standard. His ability to create depth, texture, and lifelike detail using fine lines distinguishes his work in an increasingly popular genre. But what truly sets 47 Volt apart is his infusion of whimsy and magic into each piece, transforming traditional realism tattoos into captivating works of art. Whether it's through the intricate shading techniques or the imaginative subjects of his tattoos, 47 Volt's work is unmistakable and highly sought after.


Why Choose 47 Volt?

For those drawn to the enchanting and mystical, 47 Volt is the tattoo artist of choice. His whimsical tattoos are more than just body art; they are windows into fantastical worlds, each meticulously crafted with the finest detail. Clients seek out 47 Volt not only for his unparalleled skill in black and grey realism but also for his ability to bring whimsical dreams to life on their skin. Whether you're in Busan, Seoul, or catching him at a location on his travels, getting inked by 47 Volt promises an otherworldly experience that mirrors the magic and wonder portrayed in his tattoos.


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