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Chris Dobson

Jed Leiknes


Jed Leiknes began his professional career in 2005 at Skin Prints in Eau Claire, known for his intricate illustrations of dark themes like zombies and monsters. Leiknes' niche specialization in dark and eerie artwork helped him establish a unique identity in the industry.

Throughout his career, Jed Leiknes was often compared to other prominent figures in the art world, such as Ryan Henry. Both artists shared a similar artistic fervor and fame, further solidifying Leiknes' status as a respected and influential artist.

Tragically, Jed Leiknes passed away on December 22, 2017, at the young age of 33, leaving behind a significant legacy in the art and tattoo community. His impact on the industry continues to be felt, with his unique style and artistic vision inspiring artists and enthusiasts alike.

Although his time was cut short, Jed Leiknes' contributions to the world will always be remembered and celebrated. His legacy lives on through his artwork and the impact he had on the art and tattooing community.

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