Tattoo Timelapse DVD


Tattoo Timelapse Volume 1 DVD

SullenTV presents Tattoo Timelapse Vol. 1. for the first time on DVD. Full feature 86 minute video featuring 16 amazing artists showcasing there artwork from start to finish in a sped up Tattoo Timelapse.

Tattoo Time Lapse Volume 1 DVD, an overlooking view sped up, slowed down and zoomed in through time lapse photography, of the tattoo process from start to finish features some of the best tattoo artists in the world as they work through various tattoo sessions to let the viewer see how each detail is carefully constructed.

The artists on this volume are Mike Devries, Ryan Hadley, Fernie, Myke Chambers, Roman Abrego, Nikko Hurtado, Rember, Timothy Boor, Bob Tyrrell, Liz Cook, Jack Rudy, Moni Mario, Whitney Lennox, Christian Perez, Tatu Baby and Shawn Barber.