Tattooer Gift Guide - Holiday 2017

ryan smith

tattoo artist / sullen co-founder

It's that time of year again, when you may have that special someone who happens to be a tattoo artist but you just don't pay enough attention to what their actual heart desires. The holidays are the best time to grab those high ticket items that you hold off on during the year. This year, we have some fun new editions to the gift guide...So let's jump right into them.

i have to start out with a product that took us over 2 years to bring to market. Our first traveler was really successful, but we realized after using it for a few months that there were things we could do to make it even better. from the ground up, we built what we believe to be the ultimate convention travel bag. Women also love to borrow this bag due to the overwhelming amount of storage it accomodates. the traveler carries a good 3-5 days worth of tattoo and apparel. Pair it with one of our backpacks and you will have all you need for domestic or international travel. We have them fully stocked and ready to put under the tree.

i'm adding the new Bishop "Da Vinci" cartridges because these needles are priced right and so well built. It's hard to find a really great cartridge other than Cheyenne, but the team at Bishop took the time to really nail high quality steel and plastic with a safety membrane that prevents the ink from coming out of the back of the needle. These are top of the line, and any tattooer would be thrilled to work with them.

FK has always been on the leading end of design when it comes to tattoo machines. Everything they make is sexy and works well. I know a ton of artists who swear by FK, so when they came out with the XION, I HAD to try it out. This machine is next level makes tattooing so effortless. demand is super high for them, so you might get an Iphone X before your first XION. However, they are still taking pre-orders and will be shipping for the holidays.

Limited edition fantom Rotary Machine, with Collectable New Era hat and co-branded hat case. Bishop and Sullen teamed up to bring the first mass produced Sullen tattoo machine. Only 250 machines will be made world wide, and it will have an exclusive powder white finish which you can only find on the Sullen Version.

I've used the Nano for over a year now and I really love this machine. Inkjecta is always innovating and bringing new methods to machine building. Based in Austraila, you can find their machines here in the U.S. through our good friends over at Painful Pleasures.

I can only attest to products I've used, so the only 3 brands that I've tried, I can vouch for. intenze, fusion, and eternal, all have signature sets ready for the Holidays. These new ink sets might make a tattoer really happy considering they may not have these exact colors already.

Intenze Steve Butcher set is the latest and one of the best sets from Intenze.

Fusion has been introducing all kinds of new inks lately. their Grey Wash set is a good one for the Black and Gray fans out there.

and of course we are partial to the Roman color set because we love Roman to death.

Eternal most recently teamed up with the Jack Rudy and the Bishop team to create the "Nocturnal" line of black ink, that is smooth and works great for lettering. Available from both Bishop and Eternal.

Long time Sullen artist Paulo Acuna set out to design a ergonomical arm rest that is durable, yet functional. This thing is the real deal and will last you forever. My one complaint is that it is a bit too heavy, but i do love how big it is. this is perfect for arm tattoos and the functionalitiy makes it easy to tattoo in a position that's comfortable for both the client and the artist. You can pick one up on his website here.

Ever traveled somewhere only to find that a plug is nowhere to be found? We have, so we set out to make a MONSTER phone charger. At 20,000 volts, this power bank will fully charge your phone 12 times before it needs to be recharged. it also has a convenient digital display on the front to tell you how much battery life is left in the unit. It can be a life saver on the road, and at $40, you can't beat the price.


Size Charts
SMALL 18 46 25 71.2
MEDIUM 20 51 28 73.6
LARGE 22 56 30 76.2
X-LARGE 24 61 31.5 78.4
2X-LARGE 26 66 33 81.3
3X-LARGE 27 68 34 83.8
4X-LARGE 28 71 35 86.4
5X-LARGE 29 74 36 89
SMALL 17 43 28 71
MEDIUM 18 47 29 73.6
LARGE 21.5 54.6 30 76.2
X-LARGE 23 58.4 31 78.4
2X-LARGE 24.5 62.2 32 81.3
3X-LARGE 26 66 33 83.8
4X-LARGE 27.5 69.8 34 86.4
5X-LARGE 29 73.6 35 89
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