Sullen tattoo artist Steve Soto was born and raised in Orange County, California, and started drawing at a very young age -soon as he could hold a pencil in his hand. Steve’s talent was evident through his love for art and drawing. As a child, he excelled in sports and academics, but his forte was art -in particular, graphite pencil drawings and portraitures. In grade school and high school, Steve won several art contests and was motivated to become a professional artist. Staying on the right path was not always easy for him, as he struggled avoiding the negative influences that were pervasive in his environment. For Steve, staying on the right path meant more than just keeping out of jail. 

After graduating high school and attending art classes in college, Steve became interested in tattooing.  After many failed attempts to secure an apprenticeship, he finally apprenticed under tattoo artist Billy Dyson. After many ups and downs, Steve opened his own studio, Goodfellas Tattoo Art and Design Studio, in Orange County, California. Steve is now a world-known, award-winning Black and Grey tattoo artist also involved in a Chicano art culture movement. Steve’s shop has played home to many living legends that have once worked there or still do today.  Steve Soto was one of our first 10 tattoo artists that Sullen Art Collective had ever worked with, and we are honored to have him in the Sullen Family!