On the road for most of the year, Luke Palan is a tattoo artist specializing in black and grey photo realism. Luke also adds his own signature style, called dark illustrative realism, which he says is freehanding with his own dark and twisted imagining.

Luke enjoys creating dark imagery, anything related to fantasy or mythology that can have a sense of abyss applied to them. Luke prefers to design as freehanding, because it allows the mind the wander and explore instead of focusing on an already pre-planned idea. 

Luke is a travelling artist and is almost always on the road, but he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and can be found there at Aged In Oak Tattoo & Art Parlor. Other places he frequents include Boston Tattoo Company in Somerville, Massachusetts, Timeless Art Tattoo Studio LLC in Hanover, Illinois, and Sanctum Art Studio in Chino Hills, California.

Sullen Art Collective is excited to have Luke Palan on board, a true visionary!

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