A global icon in the tattoo industry, Cleo Wattenström is an artist and model from Stockholm, Sweden. Born in Belgium, Cleo spent most of her life traveling the world with her parents. While living in Sweden, Cleo started an apprenticeship in tattoo artistry, and it was there that she found her calling in life. Cleo takes inspiration from old black and white photography and films, which influences her black and grey artistry. Cleo’s style has been recognized all around the world, allowing her to be featured in the most admired international tattoo conventions.

As a model, Cleo has been featured on numerous publications, including Inked Magazine and Tattoo Life Magazineamongst others. Cleo is married to actor Joel Kinnaman, star of the 2016 film Suicide Squad.

We are excited that Cleo has decided to partner with Sullen Art Collective to produce a variety of products based on her work. Check out the Cleo Beauty Fringe and the Cleo Hamsa Saddlebag.

Cleo currently lives in the Los Angeles area and works out of her own private studio Shanti Tattoo, based in Venice, CA.

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