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Chris Dobson

Francesco Bianco


Fancesco Bianco, a renowned tattoo artist based in Milan, Italy, is known for his intricate dark portraits of women. His unique style and attention to detail set him apart in the tattooing world.

Bianco explains that the absence of color in his tattoos adds an emotive quality to the images, making them feel closer to a memory or a thought. This choice also places the subject outside of time and space, giving them a timeless quality.

Inspiration from Women

When asked about his choice of subject, Bianco reveals that he chooses women's faces because they are a universal symbol of connection. He believes that anyone looking to connect with another person must pass through their face, making it a powerful and meaningful choice for his art.

Women have always inspired Bianco due to their indomitable spirit. Despite facing ethical and social restrictions, women continue to fight against imposed models and societal norms. Bianco sees women as the perfect image of resilience and unconditional love.

Poetic Inspiration

Interestingly, Bianco finds inspiration in poems more often than paintings. Such as Italian poets like Pascoli, Foscolo and Pavese. He believes that poetry captures emotions and thoughts in a way that resonates deeply with his artistic vision. 

Overall, Fancesco Bianco's dark portraits of women are a testament to his skill, creativity, and unique perspective on art. Each tattoo tells a story and reflects the strength and beauty of the women who inspire him.

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