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What Tattooer’s inspired you to get into tattooing?

Mostly Australian artists I would see in tattoo magazines Rachi brains, Pommie Paul (still a pom but moved with the convicts),
Shannon Richmond and Judd Ripley

Work-life balance, how do you manage your time

I find juggling my time with a routine is the best way to make time for my kids running our shop and drawing for clients.
I like to set up everything the night before a tattoo then come in early hours and draw till the booking. Or if I have a front or back or something I know will take a while to draw I’ll schedule a day off tattooing and sit there and take my time.

What spot do you find the most difficult to tattoo?

For me, it depends on the body type or how tough the skin is, if I use the right machine setup for a particular area it makes the process much easier. The spot I find the most difficult would be the throat for sure.

So I travel? If so where do u like to tattoo away from home?

My favourite place to tattoo is Melbourne.
There’s epic food and atmosphere down there and heaps to do. I haven’t done much travel tattooing yet but this year hopefully I’ll get a chance to get out there.

What art medium do u prefer most?
Tattooing is definitely my preferred.
Or prisma pencils

What’s your fav piece of equipment at the moment?

Lately, Iv been using an EruHiga
It’s a hybrid type rotary with springs and an armature bar and coil machine running characteristics, It’s definitely my favorite tool for long hours.

I work at a private tattoo studio called House Of Solace on Australia’s Gold Coast with @jesse_t_tattoos @willwillwont
And @dinewithdeath. Thanks Legend 🤙🏼

Here's some of Jacob's work:

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