SullenTV BIO

SullenTV was founded in August of 2009 by John Bayles and has since then added on partner Tom Martinez Jr. in early 2010. John and Tom have taken on many rolls in the growth of SullenTV, Directing, Producing, Filming, Editing, Titles, Motion Graphics and everything else that goes into making a quality video.

SullenTV is a dedicated viral video channel showcasing the "West Coast lifestyle" including Tattoo, Art,Music, Action Sports , Fashion, Sullen Angels and more. The producers behind Sullen TV search out the best & the brightest talent to showcase the brand's fast growing fan base all over the world. Sullen TV uses top level , industry standard full high definition quality cameras and equipment. Our post production team use advanced film and television editing and graphics software. Sullen TV covers content such as interviews with world-class tattoo artists, painters, musicians, athletes and public figures from underground to main stream events. Sullen TV has interviewed and filmed live performances from such bands as Korn, Kid Cudi,Cypress Hill, Sublime, Incubus, Damion Marley, Hinder, Deftones etc. Along with Sullen's bands from Sullen Musik, all the up and coming faces of alternative rock, rap, hip-hop, urban, punk and experimental style are shared with Sullen fans virally on a constant bases. Sullen TV's in depth coverage of Action Sport events, staring Sullen's sponsored athletes and family. Sullen's newest edition to the family are, the "Sullen Angels" featuring monthly contests, photo shoots with Sullen Angels renowned photographer Nicole Caldwell, and finalists videos sharing the newest winner to the world through the lens ofSullen TV. All of these different catagories make up the Sullen TV's broadcasting channels to share virally with viewers all over the world.

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