Sullen Angel "Bernadette"

HOMETOWN: Redlands, CA


MUSIC: Hardcore, Metal and Indie

FAVORITE ARTIST: Big Gus, Travis Ross, BJ Betts, Poch and all my Sullen Family

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: False eyelashes and bottled water.

I am world traveled, came back to the states when I was 20 ;) I am also a mother of 2. I have been with Sullen for about 4 years & absolutely love it. Sullen is who I work most frequently for. I model, Host SullenTV, & MC events for Sullen. The reason I've stayed with Sullen & put Sullen a head of other companies is because the word 'family' means something to Sullen. A lot of companies like to throw the word around but Sullen truly thinks of us all as family :)) Sullen has not only helped me in my modeling career but Sullen has helped me in my hosting. I host TheSullenFamilyShow regularly & cover events for Sullen TV. Sullen believes in me & my passions & that's a great feeling :) I will always put Sullen first. I truly love my Sullen family & all of my & Sullen's supporters XxOo